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SDN Controllers & Applications

Brocade’s software defined networking controllers and applications make it possible for you to address your data center needs with an open architecture that enables programmable network control and an abstracted underlying infrastructure. The results? Streamlined operations, simplified service provisioning, real-time data center visibility, increased flexibility, and risk-free change management.

Save time and resources

Logically centralize network intelligence in software-managed controllers to improve flexibility and streamline ongoing operations.

Increase the velocity of services

Simplify the way you create and provision the services that beef up your revenue stream and keep customers coming back.

Safeguard your network investment

Increase the flexibility of your existing infrastructure. Keep your data center running smoothly with real-time visibility and control and rapid, risk-free change management.

SDN Controllers & Applications

A dynamic, open, and logically centralized architecture, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is ideal for today’s bandwidth-hungry applications. With Brocade SDN solutions, you can adjust network traffic flow on the fly to meet changing needs, put profitable services in place rapidly, and reduce operational risk.


Brocade Flow Optimizer is now Extreme Flow Optimizer, following the Extreme Networks acquisition of the Brocade Data Center Switching, Routing, Visibility and Automation business. LEARN MORE

All other Brocade SDN Controller and Applications are now Lumina SDN Controller and Applications. LEARN MORE

Brocade SDN Controller

Continuously built with OpenDaylight code, the Brocade SDN Controller helps both service providers and traditional data center operations travel a smooth road to SDN with pre-tested packages and services.

Brocade Flow Optimizer

Gain insights into your network traffic by viewing large L2 through L4 traffic flows while increasing network efficiency, proactively improving capacity planning, and eliminating network congestion.

Brocade Flow Manager

Gain near-real-time visibility into your data center network operations, and manage network topology, devices, and flows through an intuitive SDN controller GUI.

Brocade VNF Manager

Pure play open source VNF Management