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Enterprises and service providers are taking advantage of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to speed service deployment and accelerate their evolution to the New IP. But as networks incorporate more virtualized devices, the task of identifying where virtual functions should be instantiated and what their characteristics should be becomes more complex. Executing that task is best accomplished with on-demand, automated orchestration, executed through standards-based tools.

As a network technology provider dedicated to open networking and accelerating our customers’ transition to The New IP, we are committed to providing advanced NFV solutions that can be readily orchestrated throughout the network. To drive these efforts, we’ve taken a leadership role in working with community-led activities to define open, standard orchestration methods and tools. We believe that these efforts will contribute to universally effective solutions. 

In line with these efforts, our NFV solutions are open and modular, so they can be easily integrated into your application suite and ecosystem to create a holistic solution. The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager, for example, is the industry’s only complete, software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller (ADC) with an integrated web content optimization (WCO) capability, which frees applications from the constraints of traditional hardware-based load balancers. This freedom lets you easily deliver accelerated applications from any data center, private cloud, or public cloud.

Orchestrating The New IP

Our open approach to NFV differentiates us from other vendors by ensuring value delivery in multi-vendor environments. It aligns with our goal of easing orchestration in a software-driven infrastructure, as well as implementing our core New IP focus areas of open with a purpose, ecosystem-driven, software-centric, and your terms, your way migration.

Open with a purpose—Open with a purpose looks beyond open source implementation to operating in heterogeneous environments and supporting standard data models. We provide open NFV solutions that leverage the value of standards-based orchestration tools.

Ecosystem driven—The goal of our open-with-a-purpose methodology is realizing the value of solutions from multiple vendors. That’s important from an acceleration and orchestration perspective, because it lets you define an ecosystem of vendors and systems integrators that help you efficiently implement your virtualized network using the standards that work for you.

Software-centric—The software-centric environment of the New IP is the driving force behind current efforts to present more value in software. That goal has resulted in more virtualized devices and applications that take advantage of them. The ability to orchestrate this environment using automated, standards-based tools is crucial.

Your terms, your way migration—A software-centric infrastructure lends itself to a phased migration in which automated orchestration adds significant value.

As software-driven networks become the de facto best practice, fully-automated network provisioning that integrates with broader IT orchestration will be a normal function for all networks. We believe that developing open, orchestration-ready NFV products and working with community-led efforts to advance orchestration technology is a vital component of supporting the New IP.

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It’s easy to see why enterprises are moving toward cloud infrastructures. The cloud promises many benefits, including economies of scale, and flexibility to adopt new application workloads. Brocade eases this transition with OpenStack-enabled hardware and software.