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Organizations are embracing digital transformation to unleash new levels of business and IT agility that drive rapid innovation and competitive success. At the heart of IT agility is automation that stitches disparate IT technologies and platforms together to allow IT to be more agile and operate more efficiently.

To help our customers on this journey, Brocade is bringing cross-domain, DevOps-inspired automation to IT operations with Brocade Workflow Composer—an automation platform that leverages StackStorm technology and DevOps methodologies to enable cross-domain and network automation.


Today’s lack of centralized automation and alignment of the network with IT operations and tool chains is the single biggest inhibitor to capitalizing on digitalization.

Well understood by today’s mega-scale cloud providers, business agility cannot be achieved simply by automating in isolation and orchestrating one silo within the services delivery chain. Cross-domain automation enables on-demand services delivery and business agility by allowing all domains, especially the network domain, to programmatically participate with other domains in the services delivery chain. The result is services provisioning, troubleshooting, and remediation that is measured in minutes, and often without human involvement, rather than in days or weeks.

Workflow Composer uses two principles to address this challenge: workflows and cross-domain integration. Workflows are a set of tasks organized and executed to accomplish a business objective. Cross-domain integration refers to the ability of disparate IT platforms and technologies to execute tasks in a coordinated way, without human involvement. When combined and executed using an event-driven automation platform, IT organizations are able to achieve greater IT agility and operational efficiency.


Workflow Composer automation platform leverages the power of DevOps methodologies, popular open source technologies, industry best practices, and a thriving community for peer collaboration and innovation. Based on the proven StackStorm Open Source Project and the use of common open source tools such as Python and Mistral, Workflow Composer users can take advantage of a thriving community of like-minded peers for support, shared knowledge, and sources of inspiration and innovation to accelerate their automation journey.


Today’s lack of centralized automation and alignment of the network with IT operations and tool chains is the single biggest inhibitor to capitalizing on digitalization.

Workflow Composer leverages the StackStorm Open Source Project to provide cross-domain workflow automation. This free open source platform has a growing community of users and contributors. To date, StackStorm provides nearly 2,000 points of integration with commonly used platforms such as Amazon, Slack, VMware, Docker, and OpenStack. To learn more about the StackStorm open source project, supported integrations, the StackStorm community, or to download StackStorm, visit


Brocade products turn Possibilities into realities. Through industry transition and technology evolution. For large and small businesses, service providers, and the public sector. Our proven data and storage network fabrics, state-of-the-art virtual devices, management tools, and open approach are ready to support your success.