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Wireless and mobility are indispensable tools for supporting productivity and business transformation in the modern, connected world. From chatty applications, to high definition (HD) video streaming, to transmitting data from sensors located in devices and even vehicles that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT), the typical “connected” campus runs on wireless. An efficient wireless infrastructure must support the diverse requirements of these applications in a pervasive and scalable architecture that supports “any-size” networking.

The challenge facing service providers is that the statically dimensioned packet core infrastructure traditionally deployed today is proving inadequate for newer use cases. It becomes brittle when subjected to the workload requirements presented by the IoT, the rigors of enterprise campus mobility applications, and the capacity crunches commonly experienced in urban settings such as sporting events.

Dynamic dimensioning

Recent technology advances have yielded the solution: a virtual EPC which offers the dynamic provisioning and scale needed to deliver new services at market speed. In fact, Brocade offers one. It’s called the Brocade Virtual Core for Mobile (VCM).

The VCM is a full-function virtual EPC that is specifically designed for a virtualized environment. It offers cleanly assembled slices of state management, control, and data processing that can be scaled out as network demand increases. The virtualized architecture eliminates redundant functions and unnecessary inter-node interfaces, providing higher performance at a lower operational cost than hardware-based packet cores. The VCM runs on Intel x86 servers and offers an application programming interface (API) for exceptional network programmability.

Planting a virtualized seed

For mobile service providers implementing greenfield deployments, as well as those with hardware that is reaching end-of-life, there’s no question that a virtual EPC such as Brocade’s is far more efficient than a traditional hardware implementation. For everyone else, though, an EPC represents a massive investment in a set of dedicated MME (control signal handling), HSS (subscriber database), S-GW (user packet aggregation), and P-GW (network connectivity) hardware that makes rip-and-replace counterproductive.

The Brocade solution allows this audience to achieve the desired capacity and service differentiation through selective augmentation of the packet core. Selectively enabling certain interfaces lets the same software take the personality of the node that needs augmentation.

Using this approach, Brocade offers a virtualized P-GW running on an Intel x86 server that lets service providers start their journey toward a fully virtualized infrastructure while benefitting from lower costs. The P-GW transfers user data packets from distributed S-GWs to the Internet or other packet data networks. Because it collects aggregated data, P-GWs are usually the place where improvements such as service differentiation and content caching are applied.

Service providers can add one or more virtualized P-GWs to manage traffic growth, offer differentiated services, or support new use cases. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) can also use the Brocade vPGW to create differentiation and service bundles. Additional EPC functionality can be enabled from the same VCM deployment as the service provider becomes more familiar with virtualized infrastructure operations.

Industry upgrade

If the past decade is any indication of the future of mobile device use and the growing demand for mobile data access, mobile network operators are going to be forced to step up their game. Overprovisioning to avoid months-long expansion scenarios under guesstimated five-year projections is just not going to be a successful strategy moving forward. It’s time to virtualize the world’s EPCs. And the any-size, flexible, scalable VCM from Brocade is an ideal choice.

Virtual Core for Mobile Resources


Brocade products turn Possibilities into realities. Through industry transition and technology evolution. For large and small businesses, service providers, and the public sector. Our proven data and storage network fabrics, state-of-the-art virtual devices, management tools, and open approach are ready to support your success.