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Administrators of service provider, educational, and federal networks share a vital and growing need to use network resources to their fullest potential. That requires efficient operations based on comprehensive, operationally current data. Network visibility products from Brocade are helping these and other organizations achieve this vital goal.


The increasing use of video and social media on mobile devices is driving a massive and growing demand for mobile data. Service providers who capitalize on that demand by offering differentiated services and a consistently high quality experience have an unprecedented opportunity to realize significant revenue and profit growth.

Providing the mobile experience that drives business success requires comprehensive network monitoring and analysis for network performance, security threats, and customer experience. Legacy hardware-centric network packet brokers and probes require expensive, time-consuming installation and configuration cycles. Furthermore, legacy visibility architectures cannot meet the increasing demand for scale and performance imposed by the growth of machine-to-machine traffic from the Internet of Things. To learn how the Brocade Network Visibility platform enables comprehensive network monitoring for mobile operators, click here.


Universities operate complex networks that support researchers around the world as they exchange data in ever-shifting patterns of collaboration. These networks must offer cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to scale, the power to crunch vast amounts of data, and the ability to mitigate threats in real time. In addition to supporting this complex environment, administrators face the difficult challenge of balancing the need for maintaining open networks with enforcing strict security and upholding IT policies.

Typical university networks cannot easily scale to the levels required by modern data analysis requirements. They’re unable to execute vital security and performance functions such as SSL decryption, packet de-duplication, and packet data masking. Real-time threat mitigation is difficult because these tools are not aware of network topologies and don’t know where to filter bad traffic. To learn how the Brocade Network Visibility platform helps universities meet today’s challenging security and performance requirements, click here.


The federal enterprise depends on information technology (IT) systems and computer networks for essential operations. These systems face large and diverse cyber threats that range from unsophisticated hackers to technically competent intruders using state-of-the-art intrusion techniques. Many attacks are designed to steal information and disrupt, deny access to, degrade, or destroy critical information systems.

When systems are protected, alerts can be issued at machine speed in response to threat events. Instant alerts are vital to protecting networks across the government information technology enterprise and the private sector. This enterprise approach can help transform the way federal civilian agencies manage cyber networks through strategically sourced tools and services that enhance the speed and cost effectiveness of federal cybersecurity procurements. To learn how the Brocade Network Visibility platform can help secure the federal enterprise, click here.


Brocade is leading the transition to next-generation visibility architectures with:

  • Brocade Session Director: This software-based control entity dynamically controls all Brocade physical and virtual packet brokers, and provides an application programming interface (API) for monitoring tools to make flow requests in real-time.
  • Brocade Virtual Packet Broker: The industry’s first full-featured virtual network packet broker aggregates, replicates, filters, and forwards network traffic to probes and analytics tools, or in large networks, to analytics tool farms.
  • Brocade Visibility Manager: This intuitive, graphical, single-pane-of-glass management tool offers a centralized mechanism for monitoring and controlling physical and virtual network visibility infrastructure products.


With the infrastructure-wide visibility and advanced analytics provided by Brocade visibility products, mobile, educational, and federal network administrators are providing better service to users and realizing a greater return on network investments.



Brocade products turn Possibilities into realities. Through industry transition and technology evolution. For large and small businesses, service providers, and the public sector. Our proven data and storage network fabrics, state-of-the-art virtual devices, management tools, and open approach are ready to support your success.