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Partners / OEMs

Brocade & Fujitsu


Powerful solutions built on a platform of innovation—a great way to describe Fujitsu and Brocade’s long-standing collaboration. Fujitsu offers a full line of Brocade Fibre Channel storage networking products plus a broad range of solutions powered by the Brocade Ethernet Fabric product portfolio.

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  • A complete line of network consolidation, virtualization, and business continuity solutions built to meet the most demanding business requirements
  • The undeniable convenience of validated architectures that are simple to install and easy to use
  • Innovative storage networking solutions that ramp up agility, reduce complexity, and scale virtualization in and across data centers
  • Real-time decision support through enterprise data that is accessible in seconds

Fujitsu & Brocade Solutions

vShape turnkey IT virtualization solution

Get your virtualization solution from a single source with flexible, scalable Fujitsu vShape. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, vShape uses Brocade networking technology to unify your virtual environment and deliver a streamlined user experience. The result? Validated architectures that are simpler to install and easier to use.

SAP HANA unified in-memory computing platform

Enable Fujitsu’s SAP HANA solution with Brocade networking technology. Run your business in real time with the SAP HANA unified in-memory computing platform. And dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, predictive analysis, and sentiment data processing.

Eternus CS8000 unified data protection appliance

Powered by Brocade’s Ethernet and Fibre Channel switch products. Fujitsu’s Eternus CS8000 transparently consolidates backup and archiving mainframes and open systems. ETERNUS CS8000 virtualizes target systems and creates one logical data protection platform—delivering greater flexibility and higher service levels at a lower cost.

Dynamic Resource Management

Operations management costs are increasing due to server consolidation and virtualization. Fujitsu Software ServerView Resource Orchestrator is dynamic resource management software that increases operations and management efficiency by enabling more effective use of ICT resources such as servers, networks, and storage. It shortens the system building period and increases efficiency by sharing management resources in a pool, which are deployed automatically on demand. The software cooperates with Brocade VDX Switches to provide a very efficient management solution. It enables monitoring and visualization of the Brocade VCS fabric (delivered on Brocade VDX Switches), and allows multiple Brocade VDX Switches to be managed as a single switch.

Dynamic Infrastucture (DI)  Blocks

Escape the complexity and rigidity of silo technology while transforming your data center. Fujitsu DI Blocks combine server, storage, virtualization, and Brocade networking technology with dynamic resource management software to deliver flexible pools of IT infrastructure resources you can provision in minutes.

Fujitsu DynamicFabric

Simplify network design, achieve breakthrough cost reductions, and improve business agility. Fujitsu DynamicFabric  features three innovative technologies you can easily combine to virtualize connections and capacity—from the server edge to the core. With Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Servers, Brocade VCS Fabric technology delivers outstanding levels of performance, ease-of-deployment, and resiliency.