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Redefine IP Storage Networking

Don't settle for a legacy IP network


The New IP: Transforming Networks

Revolutionizing business models for the Third Platform


An Application Boost For The New IP

Free 30-Day Trial: Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager, the leading virtual application delivery platform for the New IP

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Brocade Network Subscription

The New IP encourages innovation and accelerates the speed of service delivery. It’s the ideal environment for deploying revolutionary business models that let you navigate change and proactively adopt new technology




Brocade Network Subscription is acquisition for the New IP, giving organizations the agility to adopt new technologies and become more competitive and more relevant to their user communities. This unique “Network-as-a-Service” model unlocks endless possibilities by eliminating the roadblocks that limit transformation. It allows IT executives to acquire exactly what they need, when they need it, where they need it. Pay-as-you-go acquisition drives the way technology and business executives desire to do business.

Imagine a dynamic, just-in-time network. Subscribe to what you need—including support—with no up-front cash required. Upgrade at any time or cancel anything or everything with 60 days’ notice. No hassles. No penalties.

The bottom line? Brocade Network Subscription is your launching pad to the future, offering you the potential to transform your network to embody new technologies, projects, and services.

The face of cloud and IT is going to change rapidly in the next five years... Investments with an eye towards to the evolving needs of customer demands will succeed.

Gartner, The Top Trends Shaping the Face of Cloud Services by 2020

When you’re ready to free yourself from tax depreciation schedules or multi-year commitments that define technology refresh cycles, it’s time to call Brocade Capital. Brocade Network Subscription has plans that adhere to both GAAP and IFRS reporting criteria, with options for either OpEx or CapEx treatment.

Brocade Network Subscription is risk-free acquisition that allows you to define the network you need today and redefine it when your requirements change, on-demand.